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109A Engine
109C Engine
109E Electric-Fuel-Engine-Hydraulic
109E TM2K1 Electric-Fuel-Engine-Hydraulic
109K2 Text Only
109S Electric-Fuel-Engine-Hydraulic
119 Text Only


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AW-139 General-Caution Panel-Electric-Fuel-Hydraulic-Landing Gear and Brakes-Powerplant-Fire Protection-Flying Controls (Rotor System)-Transmission-Navigation-Weather Radar


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205A-1 Text Only
205A-1++ Text Only
206B/B3 Jet Ranger Engine-Hydraulic-Electrical-Fuel
206L-1 Engine-Fuel-Hydraulic-PreFlight
206L-3 Engine-Fuel-Hydraulic-PreFlight
206L-4 Engine-Fuel-Electrical-Hydraulic-Preflight
212 Engine-Caution Panel-Electrical-Hydraulic-Fuel
214ST Text Only
222A Engine-Fuel-Hydraulic-AC-DC
222B Engine-Fuel-Hydraulic-AC-DC
222UT Engine-Fuel-Hydraulic-AC-DC
230 Engine-Electrical-Fuel-Hydraulic-Caution Warning
407 Caution-Fuel-Hydraulic-Electrical-Powerplant-Fadec
407GX Caution-Fuel-Hydraulic-Electrical-Powerplant-Fadec
412 Engine-Caution Panel-DC Electrical-Fuel-Hydraulic
412EP Engine-Caution Panel-Electrical-Fuel-Hydraulic
412HP Engine-Caution Panel-DC Electrical-Fuel-Hydraulic
412SP Engine-Caution Panel-DC Electrical-Fuel-Hydraulic
427 Engine-Caution Panel-Electrical-Fuel-Hydraulic-Floatation
429 Engine-Caution Panel-Electrical-Fuel-Hydraulic-Floatation
430 Electrical-Fuel-Hydraulic-Powerplant-Caution
OH-58 Engine-Hydraulic-Electrical-Fuel
UH-1H Text Only


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AS315B Lama Text Only
AS316 Allouette Text Only
AS332L Super Puma Caution Panel-Electrical-Fuel-Hydraulic-Powerplant
AS350 B Caution Panel-Electrical-Fuel-Hydraulic-Engine
AS350 B1 Caution Panel-Electrical-Fuel-Hydraulic-Engine
AS350 B2 Caution Panel-Electrical-Fuel-Hydraulic-Engine
AS350 B3 Caution Panel-Electrical-Fuel-Hydraulic-Engine
AS350 BA Caution Panel-Electrical-Fuel-Hydraulic-Engine
AS350 D Engine
AS355 Twin Star Engine
AS355NP Twin Star Engine
AS365 N Dauphin Fuel-Hydraulic-Caution Panel-AC-DC Electric-Engine
AS365 N1 Dauphin Caution Panel-Fuel-Hydraulic-AC-DC Electric-Engine
AS365 N2 Dauphin Caution Panel-Fuel-Hydraulic-AC-DC Electric-Engine
AS365 N3 Dauphin Caution Panel-Fuel-Hydraulic-AC-DC Electric-Engine
BK117 Caution Panel-Fuel-Electric-Hydraulic-Engine
BK117 (C1 Differences) Caution Panel-Fuel-Electric-Hydraulic-Engine
BO-105 CBS Caution Panel-Fuel-Hydraulic-Engine-Electrical
BO-105 CBS-4 Caution Panel-Fuel-Hydraulic-Engine-Electrical
BO-105 LS Caution Panel-Fuel-Hydraulic-Engine-Electrical
EC120B Caution Panel-Fuel-Electric-Hydraulic-Engine
EC130 B4 Caution Panel-Fuel-Electric-Hydraulic-Engine
EC135 P1 Caution Panel-Electrical-Fuel-Hydraulic-Engine
EC135 P2 Caution Panel-Fuel-Electric-Hydraulic-Engine
EC135 P2+ Caution Panel-Fuel-Electric-Hydraulic-Engine
EC135 T1 Caution Panel-Fuel-Electric-Hydraulic-Engine
EC135 T2 CPDS Caution Panel-Fuel-Electric-Hydraulic-Engine
EC145 Caution Panel-Fuel-Electric-Hydraulic-Engine
EC155 B1 Fuel-Hydraulic-Electrical-Power Plant-Caution Panel
EC225 LP Electric-Fuel-Hydraulic-Ice Protection-Powerplant-Caution
H125 (AS350 B3e) Caution Panel-Electrical-Fuel-Hydraulic-Engine
H130 (EC-130T2) Caution Panel-Fuel-Electric-Hydraulic-Powerplant
H145 (EC-145T2) Caution Panel-Fuel-Electric-Hydraulic-Powerplant
SA 330J Puma Text Only


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S-64E Air Crane Text Only


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"With over thirty years in service, CTS combines technology and
experience to meet your specific training requirements."

CALL US TODAY 316.265.1585

"With over thirty years in service, CTS combines technology and
experience to meet your specific training requirements."

CALL US TODAY 316.265.1585