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Take an interactive tour from a sampling of our training products and see for yourself what makes us the leader in distance-based aviation learning.


Explore our extensive training library with initial and recurrent training options for pilots, maintenance crew, OSHA/safety personnel, flight crew, and air medical crewmembers.


We can develop a training solution to fit your operation from our indoctrination training courses and/or custom-built courses. Contact us today to see how easily we can meet your training needs.

Operations Manuals


Operations Manual Training consists of custom developed lessons and comprehensive exams based on your organizations General Operation Manual and Operations Specifications.*

We can also develop training for Maintenance, Flight Attendants, Flight Operations, or any other client-provided manual. Training content will be structured to parallel your manual for easy cross-referencing and address such topics as:

  • Organization
  • Dispatch
  • Aeromedical Flights [if authorized]
  • Flight Preparations
  • Flight Operations
  • Foreign Operations [if authorized]
  • Accident Reporting
  • Emergencies
  • Fueling/Re-fueling
  • Weight and Balance
  • Winter Operations

The final product will be a training program tailor-made for your operation. As manuals are living documents and change with time, we'll update the program as changes occur, ensuring your manual training is always up-to-date.

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CTS now offers a tutorial-based training program designed as an Introduction to Safety Management Systems (SMS). It is specifically targeted for all employee levels and will provide managers and line personnel alike a working knowledge of SMS. This course provides an introduction to Safety Management Systems and follows recommended guidelines as provided in FAA and ICAO guidance documents; AC 120-92, the FAA Implementation Guide, and the ICAO Safety Management Manual.

The course includes interactive examples, lessons, a comprehensive exam, and comes equipped with built-in recordkeeping to accurately and effortlessly track each user's progress. To help you create a program specifically designed for your operational needs this course can be assigned by itself or as part of a training package. Course Topics include:

  • Reactive and Proactive Safety Management Processes
  • Theories of Accident Causation
  • Safety Culture
  • Just Culture
  • The Difference Between Errors and Violations
  • Reporting Culture
  • The 4 Pillars of SMS
  • SMS Personnel
  • Gap Analysis
  • Phased Implementation
  • Hazard Identification
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Management of Change
  • Safety Assurance
  • Safety Performance Measurement
  • Safety Promotion and Training
  • Safety Communications

Estimated completion time: 2.0 hours


curriculum syllabus available for download:

Download the Syllabus PDF

Introduction to SMS Training Syllabus



CTS now offers Human Resources training as an excellent addition to any workplace training program. Please contact us if you have a specific training need not shown here. We'd be happy to work with your organization to develop a training program that fits your HR training needs. Current available courses include:

  • Conflict Resolution for Managers
  • Preventing Workplace Harassment

Conflict Resolution for Managers details the nature and types of conflict, as well as a variety of conflict solutions. The subject also covers a detailed, 11-step mediation process that can be used as an effective resolution strategy for most types of workplace conflict.

Preventing Workplace Harassment covers the different types of harassment and teaches preventative measures as well as solutions to harassment problems in the workplace. This subject was designed to meet general EEOC training guidelines, and may fully or partially meet requirements for individual states.

Both training programs take approximately one hour each to complete, and feature extensive interactive tutorials, detailed lessons, and a follow-up content exam. All CTS training also includes built-in record keeping, tracking each student's progress accurately and effortlessly over the internet. To help you create a training program designed specifically for your organization, these courses can be assigned as standalone courses, or integrated into a more inclusive training package.


Download the Syllabus PDF

Conflict Resolution for Manager Training Syllabus

Download the Syllabus PDF

Preventing Workplace Harassment Training Syllabus

Corporate Aviation Security


Our Corporate Aviation Security course focuses on providing security guidelines based on TSA, ICAO, IS-BAO, and NBAA recommendations and best practices for corporate and business operators. The course is great for new employees as well as recurrent training.

Corporate Aviation has unique characteristics that make setting enforceable security regulations or standards difficult, if not impossible to enforce, especially when considering the wide range of operations conducted under the Part 91 umbrella. Corporate aircraft may fly into small private airports as well as larger public airports or may not need to operate to or from an airport at all. In addition, since seats are not open to the public for hire or sale and the passengers are often known to the pilots it may be easy to assume a low security threat level. However, corporate and business flights may still be subject to security concerns. The CTS Corporate Aviation Security program is specifically designed to help address these security concerns.

To help you create a program specifically designed for your operational needs, this course can be assigned by itself or as part of a more comprehensive training package.

Estimated completion time: 0.9 hours

curriculum syllabus available for download:

Download the Syllabus PDF

Corporate Aviation Security Training


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"With over thirty years in service, CTS combines technology and
experience to meet your specific training requirements."

CALL US TODAY 316.265.1585

"With over thirty years in service, CTS combines technology and
experience to meet your specific training requirements."

CALL US TODAY 316.265.1585