By The CTS Team on October 2, 2015
Category: Training Updates

Corporate Aviation Security

Corporate Aviation has unique characteristics that make setting enforceable security regulations or standards difficult, if not impossible to enforce, especially when considering the wide range of operations conducted under the Part 91 umbrella. Corporate aircraft may fly into small private airports as well as larger public airports or may not need to operate to or from an airport at all. In addition, since seats are not open to the public for hire or sale and the passengers are often known to the pilots it may be easy to assume a low security threat level. However, corporate and business flights may still be subject to security concerns.

To ensure that CTS stays ahead of the curve we have developed Corporate Aviation Security. Our Corporate Aviation Security course focuses on providing security guidelines based on TSA, ICAO, IS-BAO, and NBAA recommendations and best practices for corporate and business operators. The course is great for new employees as well as recurrent training.

Corporate Aviation Security includes a tutorial with four modules: Overview and Responsibilities, Assessing Threats, Preventative Measures, and Threat Response, as well as lessons and an exam.

The first module, Overview and Responsibilities, covers basic requirements for Corporate Security Programs and a review of past notable security incidents. The Threat Assessment module includes Airfield Assessment. Preventative Measures provides an overview of measures to be taken as a first line of defense in preventing unauthorized access, the introduction of illicit materials, or use of company aircraft for the purpose of committing unlawful acts. The Final Module focuses on what steps to take should a threat be encountered, including the emergency response procedures in the case of bomb threats or unlawful interference.

The new Corporate Aviation Security course will be added to our IS-BAO training package. It may also be purchased as part of a complete training package or by itself depending on your training needs. If you are interested in adding Corporate Aviation Security to your training program, need a complete training package, or just have questions about this or any of our other courses please give us a call at 316-265-1585. We look forward to hearing from you.

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