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CTS Announces New METAR and TAF Training
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CTS Announces New METAR and TAF Training

By: The CTS Team   •  

Predicting weather can often be an inexact and fickle science. Sometimes, unexpected changes may occur that delay or divert flights, frustrating passengers and crew and creating potential hazards. One of the best mitigations against such risks is to stay up-to-date and informed on weather as it occurs. Two of the many systems in place to keep pilots informed are METARs and TAFs, which is why CTS is proud to announce a brand new METAR and TAF subject to replace our current METAR subject.

The new METAR and TAF subject uses both interactive tutorials and text-based lessons to instruct on the fundamentals, including how to read the different METAR elements and the major differences between the two. The tutorials and lessons supplement one another on four topics: What is a METAR?, Body Elements, Remarks, and TAF Differences. An additional lesson over Abbreviations rounds out the subject. METAR and TAF culminates in a final, comprehensive examination; taking approximately one hour to complete the training.

If your operation already uses the current METAR subject, it will automatically be replaced with the new and improved METAR and TAF subject. If you are interested in adding METAR and TAF to your training program, need a complete training package, or have questions about any of our course offerings, please give us a call at 316-265-1585. We look forward to hearing from you.


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