By The CTS Team on June 12, 2015
Category: Training Updates

CTS now offers an Introduction to Safety Management Systems (SMS).

In order to keep up with industry demands, CTS has developed a course specifically designed to provide employees at all levels of an organization a comprehensive Introduction to Safety Management Systems (SMS). SMS is an ICAO and FAA recommended program designed to increase safety for all operators and is required for all Part 121 operators in the U.S. with voluntary implementation recommended for all other operators. While not all operators are required to have an SMS to operate domestically, international operators may be required to have an SMS program approved by their Administrator.

SMS has quickly become an industry standard for assessing and managing operational risk in the aviation industry and as always CTS wants to stay on top of emerging programs that benefit our clients. Introduction to Safety Management Systems covers the fundamentals of SMS, Safety Culture, Safety Policy, Safety Risk Management, Safety Assurance, and Safety Training and Promotion through an interactive tutorial and a comprehensive lesson and exam. The course was developed in accordance with the recommendations put forth in the ICAO Safety Management Manual, the FAA SMS Implementation Guide, and AC 120-92.

For operators wanting to begin implementation of an SMS, Introduction to Safety Management Systems, provides an excellent training method to introduce personnel to the SMS program, providing the training necessary to ensure an effective and safe workforce. Like all our courses, Introduction to Safety Management Systems is designed for online delivery and can be taken anytime in any location with internet access.

Since it is an introductory level course Introduction to Safety Management Systems will provide an equally effective introduction no matter the size of your operation and may be purchased separately or as a part of a custom-tailored training package.

If you would like to view a demo of the Introduction to Safety Management Systems tutorial you can visit our SMS product page by clicking here. You can also take a look at our extensive library of training subjects by clicking here, to find the training package that best suits your needs. If you're interested in adding SMS to your current training program or perhaps adding Introduction to Safety Management Systems to a complete training package, give us a call at 316-265-1585 for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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