CTS Now Offers Traffic Advisory System Training

In response to recent requests, CTS is unveiling its newest product:
Traffic Advisory System (TAS).

The Traffic Advisory System subject contains a tutorial which provides an Introduction to TAS, its Systems and Equipment, Traffic Advisories, and Recommended Actions. The subject also contains text-based lessons covering TAS in more detail. The course ends with a comprehensive exam for a cumulative estimated training time of one hour.

CTS’s comprehensive indoctrination training subjects are perfect for recurrent training. As with our other offerings, the Traffic Advisory System subject is equipped with built-in recordkeeping to track the user progress accurately and effortlessly. CTS training can be taken at any time, in any place where the user has Internet access. All of our other subjects may be purchased as part of a complete training package or as standalone subjects, depending on your training needs.

Q4 tas 02

For additional traffic alerting systems training, CTS also offers TCAS II, Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System, with tutorials covering Traffic Display, Types of RAs, Flight Crew Response, Problem Encounters, Communication and Reporting Requirements, and more. TCAS II also contains text-based lessons for a complete CTS training experience.

If you are interested in adding the Traffic Advisory System course to your training program, need a complete training package, or have questions about any of our course offerings, please give us a call at 316-265-1585. You can also check out our available training courses on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.