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CTS Unveils Updated Airspace Overview
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CTS Unveils Updated Airspace Overview

By: The CTS Team   •  

Last week, we announced that we updated two existing subjects: High Altitude Weather and Aerodynamics, and International Operations. This week, CTS is introducing another subject update, this time to Airspace.


Updated information

The Airspace Overview subject will provide users with current information about the different types of airspace, where they are located, and what regulations apply in each. The tutorial provides a detailed look at all classes of controlled and uncontrolled airspace, special use airspace, other airspace areas, and concludes with examples of each airspace on Jeppesen, VFR Sectional, and IFR charts.

The lessons will offer opportunities for users to not only test their knowledge of airspace gained from the tutorial, but also to supplement it with additional information taken from primary aviation sources. The 30 question exam that follows will provide a final gauge of how well users have understood the material.

For a comprehensive list of all tutorial modules and lessons, click HERE.

Better graphics


The Airspace tutorial is fully animated and the chart section is interactive for users to explore all the airspace types on three different charts. All graphics are colorful, engaging, informative, and help to illustrate the concepts involved in airspace for greater user comprehension. New graphics have also been designed for the Airspace lessons and exam, and will work in tandem with the text as a learning aid.

Interested? Let us know!

The Airspace Overview subject is now available and has replaced the previous version of Airspace for all users. If you have already completed the older version of the training for the year, you can view the new version through the main training menu. Otherwise, you will receive the updated Airspace subject next year.

Not already receiving our Airspace subject? Have a question, comment, or concern about the Airspace subject or anything CTS? Feel free to use our comments feature below to let us know or give us a call at 316-265-1585 for more information. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you


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