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IS-BAO: A System that Works for You

By: The CTS Team   •  

The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) was created as a collaboration of organizations from all around the world in order to ensure that it met with international standards for best practices. These standards are revised every year to ensure that they are current.

IS-BAO allows for companies to keep and improve upon standards that may already be in place, simultaneously allowing for the implementation of new requirements. While it is designed to comply with international standards, there are options available to enable operators to utilize domestic guidelines and requirements, in order to tailor the program to your specific needs.

At the core of IS-BAO is the Safety Management System (SMS) which provides the framework every aircraft operator needs at the center of their business. The SMS outlines your organization's commitment to safety and provides guidelines for accountability to ensure that each and every member of the organization is living up to that commitment.

IS-BAO can be tailored to fit companies of any size and can help improve daily operating practices to help your company grow and foster a culture of safety and standard operating procedures at all levels. Implementing international standards can help place your company on equal ground with other business taking a proactive role in promoting raising the safety bar on a global level. In some cases, depending upon your insurance carrier, successful IS-BAO registration may qualify you for reduced premiums.

If you would like more information on IS-BAO, you can visit The International Business Aviation Council’s website.

CTS is continually striving to be your preferred online training provider and is pleased to offer a variety of comprehensive training course geared towards IS-BAO compliance. Our convenient online training course can be taken at any time or place where the user has access to the internet. If you are interested in our IS-BAO training or have questions about any of our training courses or training packages, call us at 316.265.1585. Or you can visit the product page on our website to see a complete list of the courses we offer.


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