IS-BAO: More than just a standard; it’s a tool for business

The idea behind the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) is quite straight forward: create a baseline of standards for all international business aircraft operations. What may not be so obvious from the title alone, however, is the sheer breadth and depth to which those guidelines reach. Not only do they cover how operators should structure and staff their organization, but also, how to plan and conduct their operations. Whether you are a start-up operation or an established flight department looking to tackle your rapid growth, the IS-BAO is for you.

The IS-BAO was created with input from companies in four different continents, including the NBAA, making these standards a collaboration of industry experts to help ensure a collective voice with representation from all around the world. Uniting with this system guarantees that your organization has a plan and structure in place that is cohesive and in line with other organizations globally.

Below are some general benefits of IS-BAO training:

To see more benefits, please visit the International Business Aviation Council’s website here:

How to Obtain IS-BAO Training:

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