Jeppesen, Foreflight, and you: Navigating the Jeppesen-ForeFlight update

The inclusion of Jeppesen charts in ForeFlight brings a wealth of new planning and charting options to users.

Back in May, ForeFlight and Jeppesen announced a "strategic alliance" to mutually improve the future of electronic charting. Their partnership was first realized last week, when Jeppesen charts made their debut on Foreflight. Now, you can access your existing library of Jeppesen charts via the ForeFlight app, or (if you so choose) subscribe to Jeppesen through ForeFlight.

What's new?

If you have no intention of picking up Jeppesen charts, ForeFlight will still include all the FAA charts you've grown accustomed to using. There's no catch, though you will see improved features such as Jeppesen NavData added to your regular ForeFlight subscription at no extra cost. Essentially, this means improved accuracy for those who use the app, though Jeppesen NavData for installed avionics requires a separate purchase. The use of Jeppesen data in ForeFlight has been a long time coming, as their data for airport information has long been a GPS database standard.

If you have purchased Jeppesen charts in the past, an option to link your account through ForeFlight will provide them to you in the app at no extra cost--otherwise, if you so desire, you can purchase your own Jeppesen subscription through ForeFlight. Know that Jeppesen IFR enroute charts are not available at the time, but will be added to the app later this summer. Approach plates for SIDs, STARs, IAPs, and airport diagrams are all available now and can be used separately from or alongside the FAA charts. Your binder will hold any combination of ForeFlight airport diagrams, Jeppesen, and FAA charts you like.

Jeppesen Charts

Feature presentation

Jeppesen and ForeFlight's partnership means that each gets to use the best features of the other. One example is the ForeFlight Plates on Map feature, which is now usable with Jeppesen chart map overlays. You can easily swap to other charts from this view, as well.

Another helpful tool is the color inversion, which was recently released for all Jeppesen electronic charts and is now present in ForeFlight as well. Color inversion can be used either on charts, plates, or both, and will feature the same color scheme recently added to all Jeppesen charts. You'll also find that other recent Jeppesen features, such as the SIDs and STARs drawn to scale, made it to ForeFlight, too. One thing to note if you're not accustomed to using Jeppesen is that Jeppesen charts do not include options to download on a state-by-state basis. You'll have to download the entirety of the coverage area you purchased, which can be a hefty file size. Be sure you're on the ground and connected to WiFi before you try, and prepare for the download to take a bit of time. Whether you plan to stick with FAA charts or are thrilled to have access to Jeppesen in ForeFlight, this update ultimately means more, better data in the hands of everyone, allowing for increased accuracy,  and better flight planning. You can download the latest ForeFlight update for your mobile EFB from the App Store, and read more details about the changes and partnership from both ForeFlight and Jeppesen.

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