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Last Call for TSA Training
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Last Call for TSA Training

By: The CTS Team   •  

Don’t Miss Your Opportunity to be TFSSP Compliant!

Have you heard the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) issued new training requirements in The Twelve-Five Standard Security Program? The new Twelve-Five Standard Security Program (TFSSP) requirements will be put in place early 2018, helping the TSA achieve higher standards of excellence in transportation security. With the end of 2017 nearing, will your training provider be TSA compliant by the deadline? CTS doesn't want you to train on outdated information.

Following the TFSSP requirements is necessary for Part 135 aircraft operating to, from, within, or outside the United States with a maximum takeoff weight of 12,500 pounds or more. Now, the TSA insists that every crewmember operating within these limitations meet and train on the newly issued standards. With the timeline to comply with the updated TFSSP fast approaching, CTS wants to help you reach these new training guidelines.

In assuring your operation is fully prepared for these changes, we have developed a training program to increase efficiency and ensure each training need be met by all proper personnel. This revamp of the course includes updated training times, along with breadth and depth of information, all aligning with the new requirements in the TFSSP.

Still haven’t gotten your training in yet? Worried you won’t have time with the holidays around the corner? No problem! CTS offers online courses that can be taken anytime, anywhere the user has access to the internet. With after-hours technical support, we guarantee an easy and successful training even when cramming to meet this upcoming deadline.

Interested in TSA TFSSP or any of our other subjects? Browse our website or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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