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New Human Resources and Safety Subjects Now Available
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New Human Resources and Safety Subjects Now Available

By: The CTS Team   •  

Whether you're in the sky or on the ground, teamwork is vital to safety and efficiency of all operations. By understanding how to relate to others, developing good conflict management skills, and increasing safety awareness on your team, any operation can soar to new heights. This is why CTS is proud to announce three new subjects related to safety and human resources: Preventing Workplace Harassment, Conflict Resolution for Managers, and Industrial Ergonomics.

Human Resources

Preventing Workplace Harassment is a human resources subject that is imperative for any work environment. The training is suitable for everyone, from top-level management to daily employees. It covers the different types of harassment, discusses the legal, personal, and ethical issues involved, and teaches preventative measures as well as solutions to harassment problems in the workplace. CTS's Preventing Workplace Harassment subject meets general EEOC training guidelines, and may fully or partially meet requirements for individual states.

Conflict Resolution for Managers is our second new human resources subject, and is also suitable for any type of workplace. Specifically tailored for managers, Conflict Resolution details the nature of conflict, the different types of conflict that can present themselves in any workplace environment, the types of solutions, and barriers to resolution. The subject also covers a detailed, 11-step mediation process that can be used as an effective resolution strategy for most types of workplace conflict.

Human Resources

Industrial Ergonomics discusses the physical impacts of workplace environments. This can include highly-physical activities such as regular lifting or pushing, as well as adverse effects related to more stationary activities such as prolonged standing or sitting. Industrial Ergonomics covers how injuries can occur, the nature of such injuries, and what can be done to prevent them. As with the other two subjects, Industrial Ergonomics is applicable across varying industries and all levels of employment.

Preventing Workplace Harassment, Conflict Resolution for Managers, and Industrial Ergonomics are each about an hour long, and all three include an interactive tutorial, scenario-based lessons, and a final exam. These, and every course offered by CTS, can be taken anywhere, anytime, as long as Internet access is available. All subjects can be purchased as standalone courses, or as part of a training package.

Are you interested in adding one of our new courses to your training program? Have a question, comment, or concern about this or any of our other courses? Give us a call at 316-265-1585 for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.