Regulations Subject Updates Touch Down In January

No matter how long you've been flying, it's likely you've noticed the rules and regulations seem to constantly be in a state of flux. Sometimes they include little changes, such as the phrasing on a regulation might be slightly different, or a limitation may increase or decrease slightly. Other times, changes might be more comprehensive. New rules may be added or other made void. Advisory circulars are issued to replace old, outdated ones and new editions of the AIM are released. As science and technology progress and as we learn new and better ways to keep people safe in the sky, it is inevitable that the rules and regulations must change with the times, to keep everyone flying safely and efficiently to their destinations.

In light of that, CTS is updating, too. In January, nine of our regulations subjects will be replaced with new, updated versions to reflect recent changes in aviation rules and regulations. The courses are not only being revised for currency, but also will include completely new lessons that reflect our most recent online learning standards. Several of our subjects will receive multiple question banks that will rotate year by year, and most will come in three specific operational varieties: one for fixed wing (IFR and VFR), one for rotor wing-IFR, and one for rotor wing-VFR, thus helping to ensure only questions pertinent to your operations are being asked.

The following regulations courses will see updates in January:

For more information on the content of these or any of our other courses, you can check the full list here. All courses will be updated automatically if you already are assigned the subject. All courses are specifically designed to comply with Federal Aviation Regulations and standard aviation practices. Every course can be taken anywhere, anytime, as long as Internet access is available. All subjects can be purchased as standalone courses, or as part of a training package.

Are you interested in adding one of our regulations courses to your training program? Have a question, comment, or concern about the regulations subject updates or anything CTS? Give us a call at 316-265-1585 for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.