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Updated High Altitude Weather and Aerodynamics, International Operations
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Updated High Altitude Weather and Aerodynamics, International Operations

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Aviation science, technology, and policy are in a constant state of change. Through technological advancements, industry developments, and regulatory updates, it becomes necessary for us to update our subjects accordingly in order to provide high-quality, relevant, and current training. As a result, we have recently updated two of CTS's current subjects: High Altitude Weather and Aerodynamics, and International Operations.


Updated information

Both subjects have received an overhaul to their tutorials, lessons, and exams so that all information is current and comprehensive. High Altitude Weather and Aerodynamics provides a detailed look at high altitude specific aspects of weather and flight that are not covered in our general overview subjects. This includes topics such as aerodynamics of Mach flight, the jet stream, clear air turbulence, weather systems, and operational considerations for high altitude flight.

International Operations is a complex subject with many different aspects. Our tutorials and lessons cover the requirements, complications, and expectations of international flight. This includes international flight publications, charts, flight plans, customs, operational procedures, CPDLC, polar operations, ETOPS, and Canadian airspace. For a complete list of all tutorial modules and lessons, click [here].

Better graphics

Along with the content updates, we have redone the graphics that accompany the tutorials and lessons. The animations are smoother and more detailed, and will enhance learning and comprehension for the user as they work their way through the tutorial. The lessons and exam have received new graphics to accompany the questions. Such images will make difficult concepts associated with High Altitude Weather and Aerodynamics and International Operations more accessible, interesting, and applicable to users.


Interested? Let us know!
Both subjects are available now and have replaced the old tutorials, lessons, and exams. Any current student assigned to these subjects will receive the updated version of the training. If you have already completed the older version of the training for the year, you will receive the new versions when you perform your recurrent training next year. For now, you can view the new version through the main training menu.


Not already receiving our High Altitude Weather and Aerodynamics or International Operations subjects? Have a question, comment, or concern about either of these subjects or anything CTS? Feel free to use our comments feature below to let us know or give us a call at 316-265-1585 for more information. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you.


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