Snow and Ice and Freezing Rain, Oh My! CTS releases Winter Operations Training for Helicopters

Are you ready for Jack Frost to come knocking at your door, or rather, aircraft? If not, don’t fret because Computer Training Systems has you covered.

Our newest Winter Operations subject is geared directly towards Rotor-Wing Aircraft, whereas, our previous training was primarily for Fixed-Wing Aircraft. Designed for accident reduction, the subject aims to familiarize pilots on which aircraft are authorized to fly in icing conditions and what operating procedures should be implemented during winter ops.

The estimated 1.5 hours of training covers two tutorials: Winter Operations and Cold Temperature Restricted Airports, with supplementary lessons followed by a comprehensive exam to complete the full training.

Topics ranging from categories and severity of icing to weather conditions conducive to icing on an aircraft, i.e. cloud types and weather fronts, ensure full-knowledge and preparedness for flying (or determining not to fly) with contaminated aircraft or surroundings. By laying out the potentially fatal dangers of flying in icing conditions, this training not only describes the effects icing has on aircraft, but how to recognize and prevent these harmful contaminants.

After a tragic accident of an only eight minute flight in January 2009 resulting in no survivors, the FAA has taken some major steps in educating and ensuring the safety of pilots and crewmembers, including over two hundred airworthiness directives, two extensive regulations, and the Clean Aircraft Concept, all addressed in this training. The ability to identify and handle frozen contaminants on aircraft significantly decreases the likelihood of an accident and possible fatalities.

Winter Operations Helicopter

As always, our training offers built-in recordkeeping for user ease and precise calculation of progress. With a device and wifi, CTS trainings can be accessed anywhere and anytime, attesting to the flexibility offered by our online courses. Our Winter Operations (RW) subject, along with any of our other subjects, can be purchased either individually or as a part of a training package. If you are interested in this training or any of our other trainings, give us a call at 316-265-1585 or check out our course offerings on our website.