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Icing Conditions & the MU-2

This Mitsubishi MU-2 course fulfills FAA required ground training for all MU-2 pilots who operate into unknown or potential icing conditions.

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In collaboration with Mitsubishi, this online course provides a review for pilots covering icing types, recognizing SLD, in-flight ice testing, Current Icing Product (CIP) and Forecast Icing Potential (FIP) maps, the MU-2 Flight Manual and POM, as well as aircraft performance, equipment operations, and safety improvements.

With an emphasis on the importance of avoiding icing situations, this training provides guidance on operating the aircraft safely and efficiently and provides the pilot tools to assist in recognizing the different icing conditions they may encounter.

This course fulfills the requirements of AC 91-89 and 14 CFR Part 91 Subpart N, ensuring MU-2 pilots develop a thorough understanding of the risks associated with flight in and near icing conditions, and learn how to safely navigate through or exit those conditions.

Topics Addressed
  • Icing Types
  • How to recognize SLD
  • Procedures for exiting severe icing conditions
  • Proper use of autopilot
  • MU-2 flight characteristics and proper operation in icing environments

Requirements and Resources

  • AC 91-89
  • 14 CFR Part 91 Subpart N
  • AC 91-74B
  • S/B TPE331-73-0236
  • AD 96-25-02
  • AD 2003-22-07 R1

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