Initial and Recurrent Aviation Training Packages (Part 135, 125, 91 and 145)

We can help you meet all your ground training requirements in one simple platform by tailoring an online aviation training package to your specific needs.

From regulatory training requirements to industry standards and recommended practices, deliver your aviation training program online to meet initial and recurrent training requirements with online tracking and record keeping.

We provide specific training packages to address pilot training needs as well as the training needs of flight crewmembers, air medical crewmembers, and maintenance and safety personnel. Online aviation training packages are available to address the training requirements for drug and alcohol programs (employee and supervisor), hazmat/dangerous goods handling (will-carry and will-not-carry operators), night vision goggles, TSA 12.5 SSP (GSC and ISC: Ground Security Coordinator/In-flight Security Coordinator). We can build formal training packages for IS-BAO registered operators, along with an accredited air medical package that provides continuing education credits for medical personnel

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A selection of courses to meet Part 135 ground training and testing requirements. Basic indoc (airman and operator-specific), CRM, HazMat, and if applicable, speciality curriculums to match your training program, GOM, and OpSpecs.

These programs provide initial and recurrent training to satisfy your training training program and the 14 CFR 125.287 testing requirement. We can supplement courses with guidance from your Flight Operations Manual and OpSpecs.

Training in general international operations and navigation, communications, and surveillance performance requirements prepares pilots for operations in international airspace and oceanic regions.

Deliver your flight department training program online with a selection of courses for initial and recurrent training in accordance with IS-BAO standards and recommended practices. Can be supplemented with guidance from your Flight Operations Manual.

Our CAPCE accredited Air Medical Resource Management course and a selection of training for medical crewmembers in air ambulance operations. Whether fixed-wing or helicopter, deliver your essential aviation operations and safety training online.

Designed to introduce personnel to industry standard safety procedures and practices for the work environment. Covers FAA and OSHA requirements, industry best practices, and provides 2 hours of IA renewal credit for Maintenance Human Factors.

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