IS-BAO/Part 91 Training

IS-BAO/PART 91 Training

Deliver your flight department training program online with a selection of courses for initial and recurrent training in accordance with IS-BAO standards and recommended practices. Can be supplemented with guidance from your Flight Operations Manual.


Why wait, move your training online!


With a subscription to our library of Part 91/IS-BAO courses, you can tailor an online pilot training package that meets your operation’s specific needs. In delivering Your CTS package, we can also custom-build training courses, assist you in selecting any of our current courses to meet training requirements, and align your training program to CTS while making suggestions to help fill any gaps.

The International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) developed the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) as a code of best practices. Toward that end, CTS can provide IS-BAO modules to be incorporated into your flight department training program. Specifically designed with Part 91 operators in mind, our IS-BAO training will have your flight department ready to hop the pond and beyond with these internationally-recognized operating guidelines.

The basic IS-BAO / Part 91 package contains the subjects listed below; however, you may supplement this with any of our other training programs or we can tailor a program for you. With your Flight Operations Manual or when provided, your current annual ground training information, we can develop a customized training package just for your organization all on one user-friendly platform.

Training on-the-go has never been more conceivable and achievable for busy flight crew. All CTS courses are available anytime and anywhere there is a device and internet-access. Subjects automatically save wherever a user left off, making it easy to train when you have time.

Company administrators love our program for its built-in record keeping to track each pilots’ progress accurately and effortlessly. As the administrator, you are in charge of assigning and administering training, and as the student, you are in charge of the pace of the training. Each course offers in-subject progress tracking for both the admin and the user, ensuring student and operation compliance with training regulations.

CTS saves you time and money, while bringing you a quality customized product. Join the thousands of Part 91 aviators benefiting from online CTS courses today!

Topics Addressed

Part 91 and IS-BAO standards and recommended practices for Initial and Recurrent training, including Corporate Aviation Security. Can be supplemented with your company-specific policies and procedures.



  • IS-BAO (Chapter 8), LOAs, OpSpecs, Company Training Program


  • Comprehensive exam for each module

Courses include:

  • 14 CFR Part 1-97 and 49 CFR Part 830
  • ADS-B Overview
  • Aeronautical Information Manual
  • CFIT Avoidance
  • Classes of Fire
  • Corporate Aviation Security
  • CRM-ADM-Fixed Wing
  • Hazardous Materials Will Or Will Not Carry
  • Lower than Standard Takeoff Minimums
  • Physiology and First Aid – Fixed Wing
  • Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM)
  • Winter Operations


With over thirty years in service, CTS combines technology and
experience to meet your specific training requirements. Our Sales Team would be glad to show you how online aviation training can save your company both time and money.