Aviation Weather Theory

Aviation Weather Theory

Aviation Weather Theory is designed to help pilots with refresher training in fundamental weather principles and their application to flight operations.

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Aviation Weather Theory is centered around different types of weather, classifying weather conditions and also how to utilize aviation weather services. Identification of these weather conditions can help reduce the amount of weather-related aircraft accidents and prepare pilots for the ever-changing weather elements.

For Part 135, Part 125, and Part 91 pilot training, our aviation weather theory course provides a foundation of knowledge and understanding for flight crews, dispatchers, and schedulers to assess weather conditions that may affect or be hazardous to flight. This course can be used to meet initial and recurrent training and testing requirements.

Topics Addressed
  • Standard Atmosphere
  • Moisture and States of Water
  • Cloud Types
  • Fronts
  • Turbulence and Windshear
  • Icing, Thunderstorms, and Fog
  • Aviation Weather Services

Requirements and Resources

  • 135.345(a)(3)
  • 135.351
  • 135.293(a)(6, 7)
  • AC 00-6B
  • AC 00-45H
  • 8900.1 Vol. 3, Ch. 19, Section 3, 3-1145 (D)

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