CFIT Avoidance

CFIT Avoidance

The CFIT Avoidance course provides pilots with introductory and refresher training in avoiding controlled flight into terrain and is available for pilots of both fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft.

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CFIT Avoidance highlights the risks of controlled flight into terrain and how to avoid it. This course identifies the main causes of CFIT accidents and covers preventative measures to reduce the accident rate such as the use of avionics systems, standard operating procedures, and using a stabilized approach.

For Part 135, Part 125, and Part 91 pilot training, the CFIT Avoidance courses provide a foundation of knowledge and understanding for pilots and crewmembers to avoid controlled flight into terrain.

Topics Addressed
  • Causes and combating CFIT
  • TAWS
  • ALAR
  • Preplanning
  • Common hazards
  • SOPs, callouts, and checklists
  • Stabilized approach
  • Flight Crew

Requirements and Resources

  • 135.154
  • AC 61-134
  • AC 91-79A

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