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Online human resources training that can benefit your workplace, featuring conflict resolutions and preventing workplace harassment courses.

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CTS offers Human Resources training as an excellent addition to any workplace training program. Please contact us if you have a specific training need not shown here. We’d be happy to work with your organization to develop a training program that fits your HR training needs. Current available courses include:

  • Conflict Resolution for Managers
  • Preventing Workplace Harassment

Conflict Resolution for Managers details the nature and types of conflict, as well as a variety of conflict solutions. The subject also covers a detailed, 11-step mediation process that can be used as an effective resolution strategy for most types of workplace conflict.

Preventing Workplace Harassment covers the different types of harassment and teaches preventative measures as well as solutions to harassment problems in the workplace. This subject was designed to meet general EEOC training guidelines, and may fully or partially meet requirements for individual states.

Both training programs take approximately one hour each to complete, and feature extensive interactive tutorials, detailed lessons, and a follow-up content exam. All CTS training also includes built-in record keeping, tracking each student’s progress accurately and effortlessly over the internet. To help you create a training program designed specifically for your organization, these courses can be assigned as standalone courses, or integrated into a more inclusive training package.

Topics Addressed
  • Conflict Resolution for Managers
  • Preventing Workplace Harassment

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