Winter Operations

Winter Operations

Winter Operations provides pilots with a refresher for safely operating during cold weather and explains important procedures for deicing and anti-icing, runway contamination, and cold weather temperature adjustments.

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We offer our Winter Operations course in both fixed wing and rotor wing specific subjects to ensure only the applicable procedures are included. Each course focuses on the unique challenges of operating an aircraft during cold weather, icing, and snow. This includes procedures for use of deicing and anti-icing fluids and the use of holdover tables, the effects icing has on flight aerodynamics, runway contamination, and how and when to apply altitude corrections for operating in colder than normal weather conditions.

For Part 135, Part 125, and Part 91 pilot training, our Winter Operations course provides an excellent foundation or refresher for ensuring safe cold weather operations

Topics Addressed
  • In-flight and Ground Icing
  • Deicing Procedures
  • Deicing and Anti-icing Fluid Types
  • Holdover Tables
  • Runway Contamination
  • Cold Temperature Airports

Requirements and Resources

  • 14 CFR 135.3293(a)
  • 14 CFR 135.345(b)
  • AC 120-60

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