EFB Training: FAA AC 120-76D and 91-78




The Electronic Flight Bags subject is designed to fulfill the requirements of AC 120-76, AC 91-78, and OpSpec A061. Applicable to all aviation operations (Part 91, 125, and 135), this course covers the various functions of Electronic Flight Bags. Pilots will learn how to identify EFB application types, understand the various uses of an EFB and its applications, and learn how to respond to abnormal and emergency situations.

The course includes interactive examples, lessons, a comprehensive exam, and comes equipped with built-in recordkeeping to accurately and effortlessly track each user's progress. To help you create a program specifically designed for your operational needs this course can be assigned by itself or as part of a training package.

Course topics include:

  • Identify classes and application types
  • Understand the various uses and requirements for using EFBs
  • Understand how to utilize your EFB and its various applications
  • Understand safety and security while using EFBs
  • Know how to respond to abnormal or emergency situations while using an EFB
  • Covers training requirements for Operations Specification A061

Estimated completion time: 0.5 hours


curriculum syllabus available for download:

Download the Syllabus PDF

Electronic Flight Bags