TSA 12-5 Security

TSA 12-5 SSP

Our TSA 12-5 SSP program features training for all 12.5 employees and authorized representatives and ensures compliance with TFSSP requirements.

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The Twelve-five Standard Security Program training, TSA 12-5 SSP, provides specialized training in ensuring the standards of the Transportation Security Administration are maintained during international operations and includes sections geared specifically for personnel who serve as the Ground Security Coordinator and/or the In-Flight Security Coordinator.

For Part 135, Part 125, and Part 91 pilot training, our TSA 12-5 SSP course provides essential security training for all personnel, including GSCs, ISCs, for All-Cargo and International flights.

Topics Addressed
  • Ground Security Coordinator
  • In-Flight Security Coordinator
  • All-Cargo Security Measures
  • Crewmember Authorization and Verification
  • No Fly and Selectee List Procedures
  • ID Requirements
  • National Terrorism Advisory System
  • Area and Aircraft Security
  • Security Incidents and Responses
  • Acceptance, Screening, and Control of Cargo
  • Extraordinary Locations

Requirements and Resources

  • 49 CFR 1544.233
  • 49 CFR 1544.235
  • 49 CFR 1540.105

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