A Part 135 Charter Brings Back Popular Program for Students

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Part 135 charter helps students tour colleges around the country 

Now and then, you hear about a brilliant marketing move by a company looking to attract new customers or bring back the old ones. It’s hard to imagine a Part 135 charter company being creative enough to engage passengers who are not standard business owners or wealthy vacation travelers, but Magellan Air has done it!  

If you’ve had college-age children, you know the drill when it’s time to tour the campuses. I was assigned the task of helping all 4 of my kids visit their top college campuses, located all over the country. We bought airline tickets when necessary and drove when we could, but getting the job done was still quite an ordeal.   

For parents like me, Magellan Air has come to the rescue. Magellan Air is a Boston-based charter company reintroducing a successful service they once offered to families of soon-to-be college students. College tours 15-Hour jet card is already in high demand.   

The service allows jet cardholders to use a private jet to visit college campuses, but there’s more to it than just transportation. When the customers tell Magellan what colleges they would like to see, the company handles all the logistics, including pickup and drop-off services. They also work with the consulting firm, Top Tier Admissions, to make it a truly stellar experience for the student. Their job is to help the students with the decision-making process of selecting the right college for them. To do this, they provide data for their chosen schools and help them find the right questions to ask during the admissions process. They even offer a “college concierge” to accompany the student on their campus tour.   

Naturally, a Part 135 private jet company can fly into smaller towns and get the student closer to their destination with much less hassle than an airline ever could. Offering a jet card for the sole purpose of college hopping is some creative marketing. 

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