CTS Adds new Course: Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) Overview

Aviation Safety

Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP)

Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) Overview is the newest subject added to CTS’s arsenal of aviation subjects. This course is intended to provide users an overview of ASAP, the FAA’s voluntary reporting procedures used to identify safety issues in a non-punitive environment. 

Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) Overview includes tutorials with interactive elements, written lessons, and an exam. This subject covers the purpose of the ASAP and each person’s role in the program, the MOU and ERC, and covers the entire process an ASAP report goes through, from initial determination of eligibility (and what reports would be considered ineligible) to the issuance of corrective actions, follow-up procedures, and how records and protected information is handled. Users who complete the program should be able to confidently submit ASAP reports and participate in the ERC process as appropriate. 

For questions about this tutorial and others, contact CTS at (316) 265-1585; we look forward to hearing from you. 

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