CTS is Touching Down in Dallas at HAI HELI-EXPO March 7-10 


CTS is looking forward to leaving our snow boots in the closet in Kansas and taking our walking shoes to the HAI HELI-EXPO March 7-10 in Dallas. We are excited to showcase some of our tried-and-true rotor wing training courses as well as our updated Flat-Light, Whiteout, and Brownout course. 

CTS understands that your company is unique. We are a leader in customizable online training based on GOM, OpSpec, and other company-specific policies and procedures. Let us create a training program that meets all your company’s training needs. We cover both Single-Pilot and Multi-Pilot Rotor Wing Operations, Maintenance Safety, Air Medical, HAA Operations Winter Operations, and so much more! We’re continuously updating and adding to our basic indoc courses. 

Whether you are new to CTS or have been partners with us for years, we have plenty to talk about. We will be at Booth 9450 with our expert team ready to answer any question and demo any training you’re interested in. Check out all our courses and subjects at ctsys.com. If there’s something specific you’d like to see, be sure to email train@ctsys.azurewebsites.net to request your exclusive in-person trial of the course. #haiexpo22 

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