Flight Attendant Tips for Working with Passengers

Flight Attendant Tips

The Passenger is Always Right… Mostly.

We promised customer service centered blogs for the month, so this blog is centered around flight attendant good practices. Good interpersonal communication skills and self-care (i.e. yes, you need a full night’s sleep) are extremely import to being a successful steward or stewardess. Below are some more tips of the trade for how to win over passengers every leg of the journey.

Turn their frown upside down

Everyone’s favorite phrase, right? We know working with difficult passengers is always a challenge, but typically they are angry about things that are completely out of your control. They could’ve had trouble getting to the airport, just be having an “off” day, or, quite frankly, just not enjoy flying and are expressing that in the wrong way. No matter what the situation is, it’s important to remain cool and level-headed when addressing grumpy passenger. Try to be extra helpful or find something you two may have in common to chat about. Showing you care may be just what they need to feel more at ease in the cabin.

Be attentive

This means more than just assisting them with their luggage or calling in for their connecting flight information. If you sense they’re on edge, offer them a beverage or explain some of the safety features of the aircraft. If you see a passenger is searching through an airport map to find the pick up location, go through the map with them or point out the location. Being aware of and sensitive to passenger’s feelings can help eliminate some of their tension and change their flight experience.

Tell the flight crew about nervous passengers

This goes hand-in-hand with the previous sections, but if you sense a passenger is apprehensive about flying, be sure to share this information with the flight crew. Flight crewmembers can bring passengers into the cockpit or talk to them about certain safety procedures (with time permitting) on the plane that can affect the passengers feelings toward the aircraft. Being able to alleviate their anxiety can prove for a smoother flight overall, for both you and the passenger.

Rest as much as you can

After a long flight of tending to passenger needs, it’s important to remember to tend to your own, as well. Getting the most out of your proper rest time can ensure absolute attentiveness and full mental energy going towards the needs of the flight, including passengers. Being sleepy can make you snappish or oblivious to passengers and other flight crew. A full night’s sleep and proper relaxation will have you ready for anything the flight may require of you.

Train for excellence

One of the most important steps to ensuring customer satisfaction is properly trained personnel. Flight attendants play such an important role in being the face of your operation, making it essential that they are prepared for all customer-related interactions on top of their normal flight duties. Are you interested in taking your flight attendant’s training to the next level? Ask about CTS customizable online training for any operation at content@www.ctsys.com or browse our website for more options.


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