New Online Pilot Training Initiatives at CTS

New Online Pilot Training

Learning Checkpoints, Case Studies, and User-Guided Tutorials

The CTS team of developers has been hard at work creating ways to add more user engagement to the tutorial experience and we’re excited to introduce three new interactive initiatives for our tutorials: Learning Checkpoints, Case Studies, and User-Guided Tutorials.

Learning Checkpoints are questions presented within tutorials quizzing users over information presented in the module. Additional information is included with the questions for further review.

Case Studies provide an account of an activity, event or problem – real or hypothetical – that helps to illustrate important concepts. These will include graphics, text, and questions which study past events, such as previous aircraft incidents, to better understand potential pitfalls in operational sequences and proactively protect against them.

We’re also excited to introduce user-guided tutorials – think “choose your own flight.” We’ve started using this with our new H135 tutorials to allow users the ability to choose the type of aircraft they fly and better cater their learning experience to their needs. Users can make the aircraft choice at the beginning of the module and follow that aircraft through all the slides.

We’ve already started rolling out these updates – be on the lookout for them as more CTS tutorials are updated and created. If these 3 new training experiences aren’t for you – drop us a line!  We’re happy to bring you the training that best suits your company’s needs.



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