Part 135: Aviation Safety Roundtable January 2022.

Aviation Safety

Part 135 operators have a chance to discuss safety 

Part 135 pilots and operators, January 25, 2022, is your opportunity to speak up for safety!   

The Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) and National Air Transportation Association (NATA) are combining efforts to host Business Aviation Safety Roundtable. They are looking for participants to bring their ideas, problems, experiences, and expertise to the table to work together to make aviation safer for generations to come. On our own, we can each think of all the problems within our industry, but it takes teamwork to find workable solutions.   

For instance, we all know about the illegal charter operations that compromise safety and make it difficult for legitimate companies to make a living. Still, it’s hard to develop a plan to fight this as individuals. We also know how difficult it is for pilots to turn down trips for weather, maintenance, or even personal issues, but what is the solution to present to company management so that saying no is an option that won’t jeopardize a pilot’s career?  

The roundtable’s goal is to proactively plan an industry-wide strategy for safety improvements that are real, attainable, and meaningful. Safety leaders from across the industry are preparing to discuss the hot topics related to Part 135 flying and come up with solutions that everyone can use to improve safety.  

You are invited to this important event if you have an active interest in the future of aviation safety. The one-day event will be held in Arlington, Virginia, at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel. Preferential rates are available through NATA. The strategy for the session will include a group discussion on the following topics:  

  • Key industry issues, including a proactive plan on how to address safety issues.  
  • A measurable system to ensure that safety will indeed be improved while also having the means to communicate the group’s success to other interested operators.  
  • Ways to work with the FAA and other agencies to promote safety “best practices” throughout the aviation community.  

Part 135 flying can be difficult at best and mind-numbing at worst. However, with industry groups like ACSF and NATA working on solutions to improve all aspects of the job, pilots won’t have to be concerned with safety decisions and coming home to their families at the end of a trip.   

For more information and to register, visit: 

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