Part 135: Transitioning to Online Aviation Training with CTS

Part 135

Is your training department drowning in papers, lesson planning, grading, and stress over training program approval? Well, CTS has the solution for you.

With over 35 years of experience, CTS, the leader and originator of online aviation training, has served hundreds of operators and thousands of aviators globally. Now more than ever, this cost-efficient and convenient training solution is what your Part 135 operation needs. With the busy schedules of all personnel, why wouldn’t you want to provide options to access training anytime, anywhere there is a device and internet-access?

Our internet-based training modules aren’t just easily-accessible, they also offer something no other ground training program can: simulated hands-on experience. We strive to bring the cockpit to your computer by featuring in-flight scenario based questions and solutions in our subjects. By recently digitally remastering many of our products, and continually adding new ones along the way, CTS has everything your operation could need. Are you ready to go all-in with online aviation training? See below for an easy step-by-step process on how to get started and stay compliant with FAA and other regulatory bodies while making your auditors happy by transitioning to your CTS training. 

1. Select your courses.

Browse our website and select which courses align with your training program. Not sure where to start? Contact ushere or email with your operation’s training goals, and our skilled content team will hand select courses just for you.

2. Customize your training.

Is there something we don’t offer off-the-shelf, but you need? We customize and design subjects from any supplied training materials (i.e. Operation Manual, PowerPoint, pamphlets, etc.), and transform it into our easy to use, modifiable platform with your brand.

3. Reach and maintain compliance.

Worrying about how to keep FAA or other regulatory body training approval when switching to online training? We can work with you on getting the proper documentation for your regulatory body.

Part 135 training

4. Take advantage of the online features.

The CTS administrator training platform is customizable and adaptable so you can utilize it as little or as much as you want to fit your needs. All of our courses provide automatic progress tracking, making it easy for both the training administrator and the pilots to monitor training records. At CTS, we allow you full access to the training records to eliminate the middleman, providing you all aspects of training and administration whenever and wherever you need it. 

5. Find your level of support.

At CTS, we won’t leave you confused or in the dark. Our customer support liaisons can help walk you through all the steps it takes to create and assign users to your training. We offer both email and over-the-phone support, depending on your preference and hours. In addition to our fast and flexible customer support options, a training administrator’s guide is always available with commonly asked questions and ‘how tos’ of our training site.

6. Send feedback.

We constantly update and advance all of our training, whether customized or general subjects. We believe in keeping you compliant first and foremost. If you notice a question or tutorial that seems wrong, simply hit our “send feedback” button and submit your comment or concern. Our content team regularly monitors and addresses feedback to ensure we are getting you the most up-to-date training possible. No headache, no hassle, no problems.

Still not ready to make the switch? Why don’t you test drive our training obligation-free! We offer demos so you can see all the ways CTS training can benefit your entire Part 135 operation, from the office to the hangar and everywhere in between. As the innovator of online aviation training, we provide the expertise and experience that no others can. Let us show you how easy it is to transition to your CTS.


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