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Reminder: Staying Up to Date in Training is Important 

Pilots must keep themselves updated and refreshed with pilot training to maintain safety standards. Proper training ensures that pilots are up to date with the latest advancements in technology, prepared for emergency situations, and equipped with the necessary human factors skills to operate safely and efficiently. Real-life disasters have highlighted the dangers that unprepared or poorly trained pilots can pose to themselves and others around them, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning in the aviation industry.  

Below are some reasons why pilot training, checking, and tracking are important: 

  1. Safety: Proper pilot training is essential for maintaining safety in helicopter operations. Helicopters are complex aircraft that require specialized training and skills to operate safely. Without proper training, pilots put themselves and others at risk of accidents or incidents. 
  2. Regulatory compliance: Helicopter pilots must comply with FAA regulations, which require them to complete regular training and proficiency checks to maintain their license and certification. 
  3. Changing technology: The aviation industry is constantly evolving, with new technologies and equipment being introduced regularly. Pilot training ensures that pilots are up to date with the latest advancements and can operate new equipment safely and effectively. 
  4. Emergency preparedness: Helicopter pilots must be prepared for emergency situations, such as engine failure or inclement weather conditions. Regular training and practice help pilots develop the necessary skills to handle emergencies safely and efficiently. 
  5. Human factors: Pilot training also covers human factors such as decision-making, communication, and crew resource management. These skills are essential for maintaining safety in high-pressure environments and ensuring effective teamwork among crew members. 

Keeping up with the FAA’s requirements for operation of a helicopter shouldn’t be a burden. Ensuring that regular checks, tests, certifications, and compliances are completed in a timely manner is crucial for staying safe, so it’s essential that expectations are met. 

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