PRM-SOIA and LAHSO: The First of their Kind


Updated PRM-SOIA and LAHSO courses: the addition your training department has been looking for.

In keeping up with technology and updates to regulatory source material, CTS guarantees accuracy along with imagery excellence. Now CTS is adding PRM-SOIA and LAHSO to the many courses that we have renovated within the past year, not only in content but stylistically as well. Below are a few of the changes we are excited to share with you:

Source Updates.

With this makeover, CTS has also given the PRM-SOIA course a new identity. What used to be our ILS PRM subject is now known as PRM-SOIA. This course is sure to not disappoint, having been updated to ensure accuracy and to reflect the recent changes to the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) training requirements.

As the FAA updated Order JO 7110.118A, we are making sure any changes are reflected in our LAHSO training modules. Our team of experts picked apart our previous subject and ensured accuracy with the new source material.

Learning Checkpoints.

With both of these courses we have gone and done something a little out of character from our other modules, but we believe it will be a welcome addition to the learning experience. Now, PRM-SOIA and LAHSO training features interactive questions throughout the tutorials. What once used to only be an experience as you moved through our lessons, you are now given the opportunity to answer questions based on content found throughout the tutorial. Our learning checkpoints help ensure cognition and comprehension.


Start utilizing CTS today!

Our LAHSO and PRM-SOIA courses are offered through our Part 125 or Part 135 basic indoctrination training. Are you ready to join the hundreds of operators who already utilize CTS online aviation training? Email or browse our many course options here.

Not sure where to start? Our team of content experts can assist you in creating a training package specifically designed for your operation. Email for more on customizable training packages and subject offerings.



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