Protecting Your Pilot Medical: Cleaning Solutions

Pilot Medical

What can be done to protect your pilot medical and the health of your aircraft’s interior?

This pandemic is wreaking havoc on aviation in more ways than one. Airlines that were flourishing 4 months ago have now parked the majority of their aircraft, corporate flights have come to a screeching halt, Part 135 charters are barely flying. And pilots, usually setting the gold standard for excellent health, have become gravely ill, many unable to maintain their pilot medicals.

We’re doing everything we can to stay healthy – our careers and our lives are at stake. I personally walk around with a mask and a bottle of sanitizer in my pocket whenever I leave my house. My hands are as dry as a bone and I wonder if it’s possible that I’m sanitizing them TOO much. But for those of us heading back to work as soon as we can, there is technology that is available to keep our airplanes germ free for up to a year, and that sounds like good news to me.

It’s called MicroShield 360 and it is available through Constant Aviation, an MRO provider with multiple locations throughout the U.S. The system uses a multi-step application process that works to immediately kill over 90 pathogens and then it prevents future pathogens from surviving on treated surfaces for an entire year. 

The clear, odorless and non-toxic coating is EPA registered and FDA approved for direct food contact surfaces. The process involves an initial application of an electrostatic disinfectant by certified technicians. This is followed by an application of a specifically formulated quick-drying disinfectant to all surfaces. Finally, a proprietary coating formula is applied providing a biostatic finish to treated surfaces, preventing pathogens from surviving on contact.

I would love for these guys to come spray down my house and my car, but for now I’d be happy to have them treat the airplanes that I fly. I feel like we are surrounded everywhere by scary germs and that feeling is not going to go away just because the government gives us the green light to open the country. Whatever precautions you take, protect your health, your passenger, co-workers, and your pilot medical – even if it means over-sanitizing your hands and spraying down your aircraft!

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