SMS Aviation Development Help for Helicopter Operators 

Safety Management Systems (SMS)

SMS aviation program development gets a hand for helicopter operators 

Quick! How do you start an SMS aviation program for your helicopter operation? I’m guessing most operators would need a little help developing a Safety Management System for their company.   

The Helicopter Association International (HAI) must agree that helicopter operations need assistance because they partnered with the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) to help with this topic. The groups want to work together to offer guidance to their members regarding creating an effective and verifiable safety management system.  

HAI members can now participate in NATA’s Air Transport Safety Manager Certification Program. This collaboration will enable members to receive training from the Transportation Safety Institute (TSI) on the fundamentals of SMS development, including designing, implementing, and sustaining a program that will serve their company’s safety culture for years to come.   

The goal is to provide the kind of high-quality training necessary to improve long-term safety practices within an organization. Both HAI and NATA believe that their collaboration will help them meet this goal and keep the flying public safe. In addition, sharing both data and best practices among all the participants will go a long way toward elevating safety in the helicopter community, which is desperately needed.  

SMS aviation programs may be tricky to set up and implement, but once they’re rolling across the industry, we should start seeing positive safety statistics effects. It’s great that these two organizations can make the development process for operators a little less daunting. Everyone wins in this situation. 

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