Aircraft Performance vs. Environmental Performance

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Aircraft performance and the environment has some companies looking for ways to improve gas emissions

Green, green, green. Nearly everywhere you look, the world is going green. Green cars, green busses, green buildings, green cities, but green airplanes? Yes – they’re coming. We’re not quite there yet, but there will soon be a time when new aircraft owners consider environmental performance as much as they think about traditional aircraft performance. 

More and more businesses and industries are talking about long-term sustainability efforts, and it looks like aviation is ready to jump on board. And with the raging pandemic, business aviation is becoming increasingly popular among travelers who want nothing to do with crowded airports and airlines, so now is the time to start the conversation as the industry prepares for this paradigm change. 

Enter ConnectSkies, a new sustainable sales agency. They are here to help future (and current) aircraft owners, corporations, governments, and investors make informed decisions on aircraft acquisitions based on the “green” credentials of the plane(s). They will also work with fleet operators as they transform their flight operations from the gas-guzzling, pollution-spewing aircraft of yesterday to the future’s environmentally-friendly vehicles. 

Because most businesses are now creating corporate responsibility plans to do their part in fostering the long-term survival of the planet, it only makes sense that their transportation needs be part of the discussion. The next generation of corporate owners/management will likely insist on green solutions for their overall business model, with aviation being near the list’s top.

Balancing the business/individual’s aircraft performance needs with the planet’s environmental performance needs is something they take seriously and is a top priority for their expert sales force. Soon it may be something we are all thinking about and more companies are getting on board to design new aircraft.



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