Beyond the Basics: Part 135 Indoc Training

Part 135

Attention all Part 135 Operators:

As we continually strive to provide excellent online aviation training, we at CTS want to keep you informed on the many training options available through our programs. Today, we are addressing Part 135 courses and how CTS can help you meet your training goals.

Below are highlights of the services we offer Part 135 operators:

Distinctly Part 135

Now it has never been easier to view our Part 135 basic indoctrination training subjects with the exclusive Part 135 product page. The accessible and downloadable course syllabi makes browsing course options and offerings a breeze. Having a clear outline of each subject keeps you informed on what each course covers, ensuring proper course selection.

Personalization for Every Operation

The basic indoc subjects can be supplemented with any operator-specific training course. From any supplied materials (Ops manual, training PowerPoint, etc.), we can draft and design courseware for your operation. Another option is taking your current in-house training and repurposing it to fit within the CTS system in order to create an all-inclusive training platform. These are just some of the many ways CTS can assist any operator’s needs.

We Play by Your Rules

As always, our services include both an off-the-shelf and à la carte option, or our skilled team can be your personal shoppers and aid in creating a training package for your operation. When provided an outline of training goals and hours, we can suggest courses that align with your specific requirements along with measures to fill any gaps.

Part 135 training

All of our affordable online training provides the flexibility to be taken anytime, anywhere a pilot has access to the internet. Each training allows students to leave comments with any questions or kudos they would like to provide us. Our responsive team actively monitors and responds to this feedback on a continual basis, allowing everyone to be heard and every note to be addressed. If you are interested in our Part 135 training or any other training, email or view our course listings .



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