CFIT Subject Gets a Facelift


CFIT update is underway

In addition to creating new subjects to meet our customer’s needs, the CTS production team is updating our existing material, starting with CFIT.

We at CTS believe CFIT avoidance is important, which is why we are updating the course to make it more digestible and beneficial. Regulations have not changed, but we’ve updated the presentation.

CFIT occurs when an airworthy aircraft, under the control of a qualified crew, impacts the ground or water. On average there are 4 CFIT related crashes annually in the United States and another 8 internationally every year. 

This subject is the first of many subjects we are changing to a new format. Narration and on-screen text to ensure the material you are hearing and reading is most beneficial to you. We’re also adding a “Learn More” feature to allow you the option of reading more information before proceeding to the next slide. This feature will be interactive and not mandatory, so you’ll still have the option to move past it if you choose.

When completed, the course will change without any action needed on your end. We look forward to providing you with this update and hope you will let us know your thoughts once it is released.

If you do not yet take our CFIT subject and would like to, please email us at and we’ll help set that up for you.

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