CTS Updates Flat-Light, Whiteout, and Brownout Course


CTS has recently refreshed our Flat-light, Whiteout, and Brownout course. The updated course brings fresh graphics and content and now includes scenario-based events for students to learn from for each condition. 

The course includes a tutorial, lessons and an exam. The tutorial is presented in two sections. The first provides an overview of flat-light, without, and brownout conditions, relevant regulations, and introduces the scenarios that will be used to provide prevention and mitigation tactics in the second module. The second module focuses on how you can prevent inadvertently encountering these conditions and what to do if or when they occur. 

No one plans to enter IIMC, but they do happen and we want you to be safe.

Users already taking our Brownout, Whiteout, and Flat Light course do not need to do anything to access the updated Flat-Light, Whiteout, and Brownout course – you’ll see it in your menu.

For questions about this tutorial and others, contact us at (316) 265-1585; we’d be happy to hear from you.

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