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Creating online aviation courses is what we do. Let us create your next in-house training, hassle-free.

All operations have different requirements and specific training needs. While previously it may have been necessary for you to gather your training from many different sources (some online outsourced options, some in-house, others supplemented from elsewhere), but that’s not the case when you switch to CTS online aviation training. We can build, create, customize, supplement, and everything in between involving training for your operation. All CTS online aviation training courses are customizable from your company’s training administrator standpoint, but we haven’t previously shared the full scale of just how custom-built your courses from CTS can be.

Although we offer modular customization through all our off-the-shelf subjects, our team also offers something unmatched by anyone else: the opportunity for you to have custom-made training that no one else has ever or will ever see. We create personalized subjects whether looking for ops manual training development, take an off-the-shelf and make it yours (i.e. company logo, colors, etc), or take any supplied materials and turn it into interactive tutorials and engaging lesson and exam questions. Below is just an overview of these customization options and how your company can find which option fits you best:

• Many operations turn to us with their ops manual training, as we make updates and changes to the subject a breeze. Once the subject is built, simply send us the revised manual or OpSpecs and our skilled team will get right to work on updating all associated online training content.

• If any of our off-the-shelf subjects need modified to operation-specific procedures, just let us know, as we can easily update any existing material to ensure your operation has the exact procedural information that you are looking for. All our subjects are reviewed for accuracy with any mandated policies and other subject material, but we understand that each operation has unique policies and we like to accommodate for this by offering our customization service. With this, we can also update graphics to match any company colors or logos so your crew can complete their training in style.

• Our custom course creation services are also a favorite with many companies. With any provided materials like a PowerPoint or current educational documents and training outlines, our team can get to work on a new subject built specifically for and proprietary to your operation. For example, we recently completed a custom and interactive hazmat validation course for a large Part 135 helicopter operator. This course featured challenges and ideas that our development team had never dealt with before, and seems to be a real hit so far.

CTS customized and off-the-shelf training can be provided simultaneously to ensure users and admins only have one, easy-to-access learning management system to fill all their training needs. All our training courses are developed with automatic progress tracking, saving previously viewed or answered material as you move through the course. Admins rejoice over their complete access including viewing real-time progress from each user, ensuring compliance with any training deadlines.

Are you interested in a custom-built subject or want to learn more about making an off-the-shelf subject more customized to your operation? Contact our content team at 316.265.1585 x122 or email, and we can talk about all the exciting and flexible training course options available to your operation.

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