FAA Offers Aviation Training Grants for Maintenance Workers

Aircraft Maintenance

Aviation Training for Maintenance Workers Gets a Financial Boost from the FAA

The need for qualified aviation mechanics is off the charts these days – simple annual inspections are hard to schedule and specialized work is booked months in advance. Even business aviation departments are left grounded while searching for qualified mechanics. The aviation shortage has expanded to include both pilots and mechanics and the FAA is ready to do something about it. They have just announced the Aviation Maintenance Technical Workforce Development Grant Program, an initiative designed to increase participation in aviation training courses for maintenance personnel.

The FAA is hoping to increase interest in aviation maintenance careers by helping with the expenses associated with training and certification. The ultimate goal is to provide grant money to aviation schools and training programs as they prepare future aviation maintenance technicians for an exciting and rewarding career.

Congress appropriated $5 million in 2020 to fund projects that address the projected shortages of mechanics and technicians in the aviation industry. Grants from $25,000 to $500,000 will be awarded to eligible groups for any one grant in any one fiscal year. Potential applicants can visit the following website for more information on the application process:


The safety record for aviation has been steadily improving as technology makes its way into aircraft design, propulsion and instrumentation/navigation. Flight simulators have made flight training as close to real life as possible, but it all falls apart without skilled aviation maintenance technicians. Aviation training courses are producing qualified and competent mechanics and the FAA is now helping to make the process more affordable. Hopefully this combination will help the next generation of aviation technicians ease the shortage and keep us flying!

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