FAA Regulations – Fuel Testing Just Got Easier

FAA Regulations

Fuel testing is getting easier for compliance with FAA regulations

You’ve got to love technology. Pretty much everything we do becomes easier when someone uses technology to create a better way to do something. Testing aviation fuel is no exception. FAA Regulations require regular testing of fuel for microbial contamination. The process used to be incredibly time-consuming, requiring up to 10 days to get results after the sample was sent to a lab for analysis. But not anymore! Conidia Bioscience has just launched a mobile app that will take as little as 15 minutes to get the same lab-quality results. The app is designed to work in conjunction with Conidia’s FuelStat microbial contamination test kit, and it’s pretty amazing.

The free FuelStat result App works with iPhone and Android devices and allows for compliance testing on-site, getting results in minutes, not weeks. Registration is not required, and the fuel test results can be verified with a professional report that can be either printed or emailed. 

The premise is simple. Once the fuel sample has been collected, the results are determined using the phone’s camera to interpret the results. The user lines up the test kit with the camera screen and the app does the rest. It will verify the results and use a traffic light system to provide an instant indication of the level of microbial contamination in the sample. 

An alert is also given if the results are close to a predetermined threshold, making it easy to determine the proper interval for the next test. The previous ten results will be available on the app at all times. If the user chooses to register on the app, their details will be automatically entered into the reports and then moved to a secure portal. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if complying with FAA Regulations was always this easy? Hats off to Conidia Bioscience for making the results of a critical safety task available almost immediately. That can only be good for aviation and the flying public!

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