HAI HELI-EXPO is CTS’s First Show of the New Decade

Heli Expo

The Vortex of HAI HELI-EXPO 2020 is drawing us in

Happy New Year! CTS is heading to sunny California for the 2020 HAI HELI-EXPO January 28-30 and would love to talk with you. Find us at Booth #5433 and let us show you what we’re excited about this year. Here’s a teaser:

First of all, we’re thrilled that Claude Vuichard is going to be at the expo again this year to talk about the Vuichard Recovery Technique for a VRS (Vortex Ring State) condition. In October 2019 the FAA included this technique in an update of the Helicopter Flying Handbook. This method, which encompasses training, avoidance, and minimizing altitude loss, has already saved numerous lives, according to the Vuichard Recovery Aviation Safety Foundation. CTS has added a lesson focused solely on the Vuichard method to our Helicopter Aerodynamics course.

Cts vuichard recovery technique

We’re also excited to be closer to releasing a redesigned Air Medical Resource Management (AMRM). This CAPCE accredited program will have a different look, but will still present the same great information our trainees appreciate. In our update we’re adding more tabbed data information and Learning Checkpoints so the course is more engaging and informative.

Cts amrm

Planning on being at the HAI Heli-Expo too? Come see us! Our team will be ready to answer any questions and demo any training you’re interested in. If there is something specific you’d like to see, be sure to email content@ctsys.azurewebsites.net to request your exclusive in-person trial.

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