Lead the Way: GPS Training Update


Extreme Makeover: CTS Edition

CTS is launching a completely updated GPS training subject. The many changes included in this across-the-board revamp ranges from graphics to narration to updating material to follow the new FAA NextGen Rules and Regulations.

CTS continually monitors and maintains training material to ensure accurate and ample content is covered in all subjects. NextGen, as many of you know, is a movement from the FAA to make airspace and air travel the safest it can be. One initiative from this movement is transitioning all operators to satellite-based navigation. With this transition to modern-technology, CTS had their content team research and enhance the previous GPS subject to align with the AIM and current FAA guidelines.

Gps aircraft training

Updating our subject material means visually updating the tutorials. As with our other courses, you navigate through interactive modules that ask practical and situational-based questions. Your co-pilot for this course is a new narrator to CTS, Captain Pamela Almand. Almand is a former 747 captain for Northwest Airlines and began voice acting over a decade ago. Her neutral English and clear diction make Almand easy to follow along and understand. 

Interested in our GPS subject or any of our other subjects? CTS wants to invite you to browse our website or contact us at sales@ctsys.azurewebsites.net to learn more about staying current and compliant with our training courses.


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