Part 135 Training Made Easy with CTS

Part 135

Specially designed with Part 135 operations in mind.

Are you looking for hassle-free, on-the-go ground training for your pilots? Are you tired of grading exams and creating testing for your operation? Let CTS take some of the pressure off your training department with both our standard and customized online aviation training options.

Our standard training includes over 40 basic indoctrination subjects that are available either à la carte or as a package deal. For customizable training, we can take any and all of your current training materials (powerpoints, video-lectures, operations manuals, etc.) and turn those into the CTS format, having all pilots’ training and progress tracking on one uniform platform. Let us develop a training solution to match your needs; from off-the-shelf to operator-specific options, CTS has the right training for you.

Features of our online training courses include:

  • Initial and recurrent customizable options for everyone from the front office to the hangar
  • Easily navigable completely online format for all aspects of training including video-based tutorials and comprehensive lessons and exams
  • iPad friendly for access anywhere, anytime there is internet available
  • Self-saving content so students on the move can start their training where they left off when they have time, whether that’s at home or in the lounge
  • Automatic reporting and progress tracking for both Administrator and pilot to ensure compliance with training deadlines

Part 135 training

Our team of content experts is here to help you in every way we can, from which subjects align with your training guidelines to filling gaps (if any) in your training department. CTS offers personalized attention from our content experts to our top-tier customer support.

Are you interested in CTS training but don’t know where to start? Browse our website, call 316.265.1585, or email to join your industry peers and start taking advantage of CTS online training.



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Want to learn more about CTS Training?

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