Safety Management Systems A Topic at AIN Leadership Summit 

Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP)

AIN will discuss Safety Management Systems at leadership summit 

I think it’s impossible to have too many aviation safety conferences within a given year. What could be more important to those who fly and the flying public? Safety is everything right now, and the industry is doing all possible to promote safe practices and accident prevention. Summits and conferences are a great way to share knowledge and get everyone to work together on their Safety Management Systems (SMS) and other tools that keep us safe. However, a summit on November 29 through December 1 goes one step further.  

The AIN Corporate Aviation Leadership Summit is a safety event and more. This “invitation only” summit, held in Bonita Springs, Florida, wants to ensure that the participants are a trusted group of corporate aviation leaders looking for appropriate networking, relevant topics, and evaluation of aviation providers.   

For two days, these leaders will collaborate with their peers, meet with aviation service providers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), attend leadership sessions and peer breakouts, and network to discuss the growing complexities of corporate aviation.   

The benefits of attending are numerous, but the primary focus is on building lasting relationships that can be called upon as needed in the future. Having solid relationships with peers in your community is helpful on so many levels. Aviation is complicated and constantly changing; having a network of friends available for a quick discussion is invaluable.   

It’s also important to stay current, or even ahead of the learning curve, when considering trends, existing aviation solutions, services, and strategies, instead of learning things the hard way, after an incident or accident.   

Leadership sessions include:  

The HR Factor  

  • Recruiting  
  • Hiring, training, and retaining pilots and technicians  
  • Leadership training  
  • Workforce diversity  
  • Bridging the generational gap  
  • Compliance  


Data Security  

  • Document sharing  
  • ADS-B  
  • Connectivity  
  • Next Gen Avionics  
  • Safety and SMS  


Budget Side Dynamics  

  • Controlling maintenance costs  
  • Fuel supply challenges  
  • Avionics to keep up with ATC  
  • Accounting and reporting  
  • No fault found parts  
  • Wages and salary  



  • Meeting EFG, SAF, and Offsets  
  • Carbon Conscious Solutions  
  • Supply chain availability  


All these topics seem completely relevant and necessary for today’s corporate operators. Retaining pilots, sustainability, and SMS are critical as we move toward the next generation of air travel. Click here to request an invitation to the summit. 

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