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Change isn’t always a bad thing, and when it comes to training course updates (and between the couch cushions), CTS believes this to be true. We’re currently in the process of updating our RVSM course, as well as creating new courses for PBCS and PBN.

Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) Airspace will drop first. RVSM is the designated special use airspace between FL290-410 which allows aircraft to fly vertically separated by a minimum of 1,000 ft. There is special training and equipment needed to fly in this airspace, so we’ve worked hard to ensure pilots know the rules to ensure safe flying. This update is in the final stages and includes up-to-date industry rules and standards, as well as our new learning checkpoints.

Performance Based Navigation (PBN) enables an added layer of safety and efficiency in airspace and procedure design. Aircraft can now leverage PBN during all phases of flight. Additional benefits include the ability to safely reduce the separation between traffic, terrain, and obstacles, and bring efficiency through reduced flight track distance, reduced fuel burns, and enhanced pilot-controller communication.

Performance-Based Communication and Surveillance (PBCS) is a concept that serves as a framework to organize and manage communication and surveillance elements of air traffic management. The PBCS concept is aligned with that of PBN – both updated courses will drop shortly after RVSM.

All three subjects will include new Tutorials, Lessons, and Exams. If you have already completed the current version of RVSM, these updates will not affect your training for the current year and will be ready for you next year.

For questions about these tutorials and others, feel free to email us at content@www.ctsys.com; we’d be happy to hear from you.



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