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Imagine pilots, technical writers, and production artists with thread and thimbles.

Like a tailor working on a dress or tuxedo CTS can create a subject to fit our customer’s unique needs – which we do…often!

One of our most recent custom subjects covers the CellBlock Lithium-Ion Battery Incident Kit (LIBIK). With Cellblock, our CTS designers created a subject to serve as a basic recommendation of procedures for a specific product at the request of a customer. This course allows users to choose which type of kit to cover in training, adding to the focus of the material.

Another recent example is a custom HazMat training course, separate and more uniquely fitted than what CTS already offers. This in-depth training course covers our client’s Hazmat Operations manual, including a 34 step checklist outlining the company’s process for HazMat shipping. This course requires users to answer questions for each step as though they are filling out the checklist in a real-life situation, including reviewing forms and boxes.

Our main goal, as always, is customer satisfaction. With constant updates to our systems, and learning from our user’s experiences, we’re able to better offer you, the customer, only the programs you need or want – ensuring “Your CTS” experience is tailored to you.

Let us know what we can do to help you with your specific training needs! Feel free to email us at content@ctsys.azurewebsites.net.



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