Case Study: CTS Online Aviation Training Learning Checkpoints

Online Aviation Pilot Training

CTS is making changes to our online aviation training offerings to create a more engaging, user-centered experience.

New and exciting things are happening at CTS as we strive to provide the most technologically advanced, engaging and accurate online aviation training on the market. With that said, we have introduced a new interactive feature in our training modules in order to ensure comprehension of the material (and that users stay alert, wink wink). Our learning checkpoints, first introduced in our PRM-SOIA subject, are additional information and quiz boxes dispersed throughout our video-based tutorial content. To honor this feature of our training and our transition to a learner-based courseware method, we wanted to show you the inspiration and insight into the learning checkpoints and beyond. Continue reading to see how CTS turns an innovative idea from our content team to a functioning reality, and how we can do the same for any and every flight operation.

The idea.

We aim to bring learner-led and interactive experiences to your training department, and learning checkpoints are just the start. The industry and technology is changing, and so is the way CTS is looking at its course design. We realized a ‘one-size fits all’ approach no longer gets the job done and you’ll be seeing our transition as we depart the holding pattern direct student interaction (aka learning checkpoints) and resume our own navigation to our completely learner-led approach (still in the works, but stay tuned for our intermediate stops along the way).

Learning checkpoints came about as an idea a little over 6 months ago. The NextGen updates and other mandated regulation changes have caused content overhaul to the programs we previously had in our off-the-shelf method. With that, we created a Content Manager/Courseware Strategist position with the dream of making our aviation training courses even more interactive, engaging, customizable, and comprehensive, not just technical and accurate. With over 20 years of flight experience, our new content captain knows what it takes to get behind the controls of an aircraft and understands what meeting training requirements looks like. With this in mind, he decided we needed multiple-choice and selection-based mini-quiz questions within the tutorials as yet another way to test the user’s knowledge. He pitched his idea to our development manager, then that team went to work.

The magic aka development.

Since this was outside of our wheelhouse, we had to really gather our resources and get our team of developers together to brainstorm how to make this happen (after all, it’s only code, right?). After many meetings and continued collaboration throughout the projects, we came up with a way to effectively insert questions into our tutorials. We have html experts that designed, tested, went back the drawing board and started all over again, until it was exactly the way we all had envisioned. 

Here’s a rundown of the project stats: 

  • 10 expert team members involved 
  • 12 meetings and collaborations
  • 100 development hours 
  • 3 different project designs 
  • 20 tests 
  • 50+ Charlie Bravos 
  • 1 awesome interactive learning tool
Finished product.

You can see an example of the learning checkpoints in the gif below, or request a real-time demo from our content department by emailing

Learningcheckpointcasestudy. Gif

How CTS can help you.

Got an idea you’d like to see? Reach out to us, because CTS can make those ideas a reality. We are a team of dreamers and creators, who love challenges and innovation. No concept is too big or too small for us to handle. We create training for employees from the office to the hangar and everyone in between. Whether you need HR or maintenance training, CTS has you covered. Send in your big ideas to or call 316.265.1585 x122 and see how we can start customizing and tailoring training just for you.


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