Part 135: Taking the headache out of course selection

Part 135 Training

Is your Part 135 operation’s training admin starting to look like the image above? Then CTS is just the thing you need to drown out the decision-making blues!

Not a Part 135 operator? No problem! We also offer Part 91K, Part 125, Maintenance Safety and Human Resource courses, and more. Keep reading to learn about our concierge-level training as a service.

As you remember in our blog on easily transitioning to online aviation training, we talked about how CTS makes the course selection process a breeze with our new liaison-based and customer-centric approach. With the abundant off-the-shelf options and the opportunity to customize your own training, sifting through our courses can be overwhelming. That’s why when you choose CTS, you’re choosing personalized customer service and top-tier customer support from beginning to end. We pair up your training administrator with an in-house content expert to assist in training course selection and ensure that any and all training requirements are fulfilled. See the customized routes for course selection below, and how you can utilize this unique process as much or as little as you’d like.

Browse the training website.

We believe the best place to start, whether looking for liaison-level support or not, is to browse our courses online. We have training hosted in 17 main categories from Part 135 basic indoc to recurrent aircraft and helicopter, and then broken down into smaller categories beyond that so you can easily view the subjects. From these categories you can download course syllabi based on rotor-wing or fixed-wing specifications and view each course we offer, including the number of lessons, exams, and video-modules per subject that you can customize and utilize as necessary.

Now, select which option below describes you best:

I don’t know if I’m quite ready to make the switch. Can I get an obligation-free demo?
I’m ready, but not sure where to start!
I know exactly which courses we need and I can take it from here.

At CTS we strive to be more than just a training provider, but we see ourselves as an extension of your training department. We offer step-by-step assistance for training administration to full end-user support, whether just getting started or diving into one of the many features of our modular subjects. You are cleared as filed, direct CTS, altitude and speed at your discretion. Report established inbound and join the hundreds of other operator’s training experience to the next [flight] level.

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Want to learn more about CTS Training?

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